Intellect Capital Consulting
Регистрация и сопровождение компаний во всех
основных Оффшорных и Европейских юрисдикциях

The Company INTELLECT – CAPITAL – CONSULTING established to provide high-quality professional legal and business services (offshore company registration, open bank account, merchant account). We can tell for sure that we have all the necessary resources to fully . We can tell for sure that we have all the necessary resources to fully meet customer requirements when it comes to delivery of quality legal services. We certainly understand that there are no absolutely identical cases or two similar destinies. We guarantee individual approach and full confidentiality to each of our clients. We offer a range of service packages starting from simple registration of offshore companies to complete support of newly formed or fully established businesses. The Company INTELLECT – CAPITAL – CONSULTING provides assistance in opening private and corporate accounts in foreign banks.

One of the main tasks of INTELLECT – CAPITAL – CONSULTING is protection of interests of your business from excessive intrusion on the part of the government or other business, observance of legal rights of all of its participants as well as compliance with adopted legal norms and laws.

The Company INTELLECT – CAPITAL – CONSULTING offers the following services:

Registration of foreign companies

We provide assistance in registration of foreign companies, including onshore and offshore companies in the following jurisdictions: Onshore companies – Great Britain (LLP, LTD), Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Denmark Partnership (KS); Offshore companies – Panama, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Marshall Islands.

Bank accounts in foreign banks

We select a bank based on the needs of your business. Normally, the choice is dependant upon financial stability of the bank, options for work with non-resident clients, similarity of bank’s specialization with company activity as well as the policy of strict confidentiality. Availability of Russian-speaking personnel is also important, as well as the option to issue plastic cards and convenient tools for account management. As of today, our company cooperates (open a bank account) with the banks of the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, and Great Britain.

Audit and accounting reports

  • maintenance and retrieval of accounting reports of Companies registered in the following jurisdictions (offshore companies): Great Britain, Panama and Cyprus.
  • provision of accounting and tax reports to auditing authorities at the place of company registration.

Customs services

We provide services of registration of assets, imported with the purpose of usage on the territory of Ukraine by residents and non-residents (offshore companies) of Ukraine.


We provide services of registration of trademarks UK IPO (UK Trade Marks Registry).

MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Online Gambling in the Malta,
Netherlands Antilles Jurisdictions (Curacao)

We provide services of registration of: Merchant account for online commerce, as well as registration of gambling businesses (including online casinos) in Malta and Netherlands Antilles (Curacao).

Online Gambling in the Malta
Online Gambling in the Netherlands Antilles Jurisdictions (Curacao)

Registration, Gambling license for online (internet) gambling: European Union – Maltaа, Offshore – Netherlands Antilles Jurisdictions (Curacao).